We can provide more than we list here; inquire on the contact page for these and other services.


Lighting defines your event; we as people are very sensitive to changes in light. Masters of light will be critical of all aspects of how your event will be lit and how it is controlled. Your moments are important; and need to be accented appropriately.

✺Battery Powered Uplights


✺Stage Lighting fixtures

✺Moving Head fixtures

✺Custom LED fixtures


What you hear and what you do not. The complexities of these two things are often overlooked, but we view them as critical in having a successful event.





Do you realize that the type of signal travelling down the cable needs to match in frequency with other signals flowing to and from the switcher for playback to multiple monitors and projectors? If not; its not a bad idea to reach out to us.

✺Playback systems

✺Video screens mounted (twin pole or kiosks)


✺Live Streaming

✺WebCasting (Viewing audience can participate live with you event)

✺Video Recording

✺VR video Recording