McZawa LLC is a full service audio visual production company that has been strategically based in North Adams, MA. At the helm is husband Brian McCreary; a lighting designer/programmer; and wife Kumi Ishizawa; an Audio Engineer; who together have over 25 years of experience providing AV services in the New York City area.

We choose North Adams because we noticed a void in need of filling. People love the Berkshires; we as well - falling in love with the area while travelling from New York City to help put on events. The two of us quickly realized that the nearest providers for AV services are located well over an hour away; meaning higher trucking and labor costs associated with having these services available to you for your big day.

With the utmost care and attention - you can rest assured that everyone will hear your vows on your wedding day; see your center pieces; and tune in live online for your investor meeting.

We do AV, but we are professional problem solvers.